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UNDEREXPOSED is a limited edition print series focused on the streets of Venice Beach captured in very low light. The collection is special to me not only because it embodies the feel of where I grew up, but each photo was shot using my mother's Nikkor 105mm lens from her Nikon FM2 camera.

My mother was an acclaimed photographer and growing up I witnessed her working with all sorts of talent; from Kevin Costner, Denzel Washington, Ford Motors, Tracy Ullman and more. You name it she did it. Needless to say, I grew an appreciation for the art of photography at a very young age.

After she passed, I was left with her camera collection - much of which I wasn’t sure what to do with or exactly how to use. I discovered Instagram early on and started using the app to train my eye.This coupled with a semester of Photography in college, helped me become more familiar and comfortable behind the camera. Eventually I started using my Canon and then decided I was ready to dive into my mother's arsenal.

Much like the story behind the lens, each shot in UNDEREXPOSED is special. The two black and white photographs were actually film shots from my FM2, while the other three are the same lens only rigged to my Canon DSLR. It’s funny the similarities shared between the digital and film shots.

My hope is that whoever grabs these limited edition prints enjoys knowing how meaningful each of the shots are.


Each print is offered in limited quantities and various sizes.  All prints are hand signed and numbered by Evidence.